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The variety of facial treatments available at Faces allows our aestheticians to treat your skin according to its needs. We treat skin with wrinkles and tissue slackening, acne scarring and discoloration, sun damaged, dry and dehydrated skin, oily skin with blemish problems, sensitive skin, puffiness and tired eyes. You will definitely see a significant difference in your skin after one treatment. For immediate results facials are recommended every four to six weeks

Choose from the variety of facials below.

Faces European Facial
Facial begins with a manual European touch. Light steam and gentle extraction technique are included. Nourishing creams are used to massage face, neck, and shoulders leaving the muscles relaxed and revived.
90 Minute Treatment $175

Back Facial
Individuals experiencing back acne breakouts: experience a fresh
and revitalizing light massage on your back while steam penetrates onto your skin. Deep pore cleansing with a concentrated zinc & sulfur mask will relieve all impurities with the aid of extractions and exfoliation. .
60 Minute Treatment $150

All Specialty Facials Below are 75-90 minutes. Facial includes deep cleansing, Faces gentle extraction technique, face, neck, shoulder massage with hand treatment.

Vita-C Lighting Facial

Double Peeling Treatment with Fruit acids, Glycolic Acid and Pure Vitamin C.Pure concentrated Vitamin C, this lightening anti-pigmentation mask completes the treatment, restores the skin’s radiance, lightens pigmentation marks and regenerates the elastin fibers. $195.00

Collagen Infusion Facial
Extraction and papaya peeling to eliminate dead skin cells will get you ready for your collagen infused ampoule that acts as an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. An intensive collagen mask is also used to help restore skin tone and elasticity. $175.00

AntiBacterial Acne Facial
Alpha-Hydroxy acids are natural substances found in fruits, sugar cane and sour milk. Steam is used to loosen the pores concentrating on the elimination of impurities by Faces gentle manual extraction technique. This concentrated glyco lactic acid peel is used to treat oily and acne prone skin. Electrical current and LED lights are preventative devices used to eliminate acne bacteria from spreading. $150.00

Aromatic Hydrating Facial
Hydration is the key result for this treatment. Formulated mask containing Azulene, aloe vera and chamomile extracts helps calm and relieve all type skin. Azulene ampule is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. $150

MicroCurrent with LED Light Facial

Experience high tech internationally recognized treatment facial which makes use of mild electrical currents to enhance the penetration of specially designed products. Drainage, Muscle Stimulation and Massage hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. $180

Rosacea Control Facial
A soothing treatment designed to control rosacea prone breakouts. Anti inflammatory agents rich in potent antioxidants are used to protect skin from redness, irritation, and rosacea flare up. $195.00

Electro Lifting Facial
An energizing, lifting and firming treatment for skin experiencing a lack of elasticity. Enjoy the benefits of orange extracts and vital plant proteins which are maximized through a self-heating mask. $150

Oxygen Therapy Facial

Oxygen stimulates circulation, detoxifies and plumps the skin with the aid of hyaluronic acid boost.Oxygen treatment is specially formulated for all skin types is a preventive, anti-aging measure that makes the skin look and fell immediately smoother. Overall improves the appearance of skin with fine lines and wrinkles $195.00

UltraSound Facial with LED Light

Deep cleanses the skin using a ultrasonic wave, providing a tiny massage that stimulates and expands the cell membranes in the skin. It also improves circulation and increases the penetration of any skin care product that is applied to the skin. $195.